Month: January 2018

New study finds no health risks in 2-year vapers

A new study has provided further evidence that vaping has no harmful implications for health, at least in the short to medium term. Carried out for Fontem Ventures, an Imperial Brands subsidiary that manufactures the Blu closed-system e-cigarette, the experiment involved a large group of smokers who volunteered to use a reduced risk product. Scientists tested for short and..

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Are e-cigs addictive?

Addiction is probably the leading questions that surround e-cigarettes. Since its inception, many people have been wondering whether this unique tobacco smoking method poses the same health hazards as the conventional way. However, that is not a YES or NO question. Why are tobacco cigarettes addictive? In order to have a determination of the addictive nature of..

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SMOK Mag 225W Right- Handed Edition Kit Preview

As an e-cigarette enthusiast, you may have already heard the buzz revolving around the release of SMOK Mag 225W Kit several months ago. Here comes the most ergonomically designed handheld mod made to date! Fast and furious, lock and load, it is SMOK Mag 225W Right- Handed Edition Kit!The charming SMOK Mag 225W Right- Handed Edition Kit is composed..

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