Addiction is probably the leading questions that surround e-cigarettes. Since its inception, many people have been wondering whether this unique tobacco smoking method poses the same health hazards as the conventional way. However, that is not a YES or NO question.

Why are tobacco cigarettes addictive?

In order to have a determination of the addictive nature of e-cigarettes, first of all it is worth taking a look at the reasons why smoking tobacco is addictive. You may think that the answer is simple: nicotine because of its presence in both the conventional way of smoking it as well as e-cigarettes. However, the answer is not as simple as it may appear to be.

Even though the National Institute on Drug Abuse has stated that nicotine found in tobacco cigarettes is dangerously addictive but still there are also other components that have to be put into consideration. Apparently, there are other factors that contribute to the addictive nature of cigarettes. The interesting bit is, studies tend not to vary with regards to the addictiveness of tobacco cigarettes, but there are a lot of studies that highly disagree when it comes to determining the addictiveness of nicotine. This is the reason why the answer to whether e-cigs are addictive is not easy. When it comes to figuring out the reasons as to why tobacco cigarettes are addictive it means you first of all have to separate the nicotine from the whole cigarette then examine both.

Determining the level of addiction

Nicotine is delivered by cigarettes through the combustion of tobacco. E-cigarettes, regarede as the best alternative in smoking cigarette is different from conventional cigarettes in two main ways

l Does not contain tobacco

l Does not combust

Nicotine is available in the e-liquid on its own, devoid of the delivery system of tobacco. Also e-cigs, depend on the mod in delivering nicotine which takes a longer period in comparison to tobacco cigarettes.

According to some studies, with e-cigs the difference may be around 30 minutes in comparison to five minutes in cigarettes. Therefore, if the speed at which nicotine enters is a factor in addiction, then it is important to note that e-cigarettes delivery system of the same drug is much slower. However, it does not take a genius to note that this does not mean they are not addictive,

Vaping experience

There is no questioning that nicotine on its own is addictive and this being so the direct answer to the question regarding whether e-cig is addictive is YES, if they contain nicotine. However, for what its worth it is important to mention that the vaping experience can be customized and that you can get e-liquid for e-cigs that does not contain nicotine. There are those who vape only for flavor and the sensation while there are those who are medically recommended to vape and use the recommended neutraceuticals. Therefore, the delivery of nicotine is a major factor in the addictiveness of e-cigs.

All in all we can say that the answer to the question “are e-cigs addictive?”is YES and NO.

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