Are e-cigs addictive?

Addiction is probably the leading questions that surround e-cigarettes. Since its inception, many people have been wondering whether this unique tobacco smoking method poses the same health hazards as the conventional way. However, that is not a YES or NO question.

Why are tobacco cigarettes addictive?

In order to have a determination of the addictive nature of e-cigarettes, first of all it is worth taking a look at the reasons why smoking tobacco is addictive. You may think that the answer is simple: nicotine because of its presence in both the conventional way of smoking it as well as e-cigarettes. However, the answer is not as simple as it may appear to be.

Even though the National Institute on Drug Abuse has stated that nicotine found in tobacco cigarettes is dangerously addictive but still there are also other components that have to be put into consideration. Apparently, there are other factors that contribute to the addictive nature of cigarettes. The interesting bit is, studies tend not to vary with regards to the addictiveness of tobacco cigarettes, but there are a lot of studies that highly disagree when it comes to determining the addictiveness of nicotine. This is the reason why the answer to whether e-cigs are addictive is not easy. When it comes to figuring out the reasons as to why tobacco cigarettes are addictive it means you first of all have to separate the nicotine from the whole cigarette then examine both.

Determining the level of addiction

Nicotine is delivered by cigarettes through the combustion of tobacco. E-cigarettes, regarede as the best alternative in smoking cigarette is different from conventional cigarettes in two main ways

l Does not contain tobacco

l Does not combust

Nicotine is available in the e-liquid on its own, devoid of the delivery system of tobacco. Also e-cigs, depend on the mod in delivering nicotine which takes a longer period in comparison to tobacco cigarettes.

According to some studies, with e-cigs the difference may be around 30 minutes in comparison to five minutes in cigarettes. Therefore, if the speed at which nicotine enters is a factor in addiction, then it is important to note that e-cigarettes delivery system of the same drug is much slower. However, it does not take a genius to note that this does not mean they are not addictive,

Vaping experience

There is no questioning that nicotine on its own is addictive and this being so the direct answer to the question regarding whether e-cig is addictive is YES, if they contain nicotine. However, for what its worth it is important to mention that the vaping experience can be customized and that you can get e-liquid for e-cigs that does not contain nicotine. There are those who vape only for flavor and the sensation while there are those who are medically recommended to vape and use the recommended neutraceuticals. Therefore, the delivery of nicotine is a major factor in the addictiveness of e-cigs.

All in all we can say that the answer to the question “are e-cigs addictive?”is YES and NO.

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Quitting Smoking- it Really Did Change the Trajectory of my Life

I started smoking when I was 14 years old, way before e-cigarettes were on the market. It’s sad, but it’s kind of cliche. There was a bad girl on our synchronized swimming team. She was the one who smoked regularly but still managed to perform. Me and one of the other girls wanted to be equally as adventurous. We told each other we would try it after swim practice. We promised each other that we would never do it again.

Oh, the naivety of being young. We coughed a bit. I said, oh, I’ll never be bad again. Because back then smoking was intrinsically entwined with being a rebel. But I also felt accomplished. I had tempted fate and come out on the other side. I went to my next practice and felt slightly self-assured that I could do my entire routine even though my lungs were polluted.

Skip to a few years later when I added going to bars into the mix. It was my first year of university, and I already added drinking as an extra curricular. I didn’t care about how much of a loser it made me with the guys when I fell down because I’d been drinking. Or maybe I did, and that’s why I turned to smoking to fit in with my bar crowd. These people were more my style, I assured myself. So I would try to adjust myself to smoking one cigarette with a friend at a time.

I quit for a year, but then I was back to partying. Smoking to me made me feel a part of the crowd. I loved to buy packages for when I was at home in my rented house. It made soothed to chain smoke, as they called it then, the entire package.

I decided to stop when I had to drop out of university half way through because my partying had triggered real depression. And the only way I felt good was to go out and drink and smoke. And that was too much for me now that I was dealing with mental health. I didn’t take anti-depressants due to the stigma, but I needed them.

When I got home, I wasted another year lamenting about my fate. I only wanted to go back to where I had been studying. But I was too sick to even work at a coffee shop. After a year of this, I visited a psychiatrist. He put me on Wellbutrin, which also killed my craving for cigarettes. This basically helped me to get into better habits.

I started working for a couple years, and my new lifestyle not addicted to cigarettes really was my saving grace. I still liked sheesha, but I wasn’t addicted to it. I just went for a fun date to have some flavored vapors. They were the modern equivalent of vaping.

Not smoking allowed me to refocus my life. I didn’t constantly have to take smoke breaks. So my employers really appreciated me and leaned on me. In fact, my employers liked it so much that I was never fired from a job.

Eventually, I had the confidence to go to hair school. There were lots of smokers there, but it didn’t appeal to me. Having meaningful conversations where people told me I was smart began to take the place. I watched the party crowd party, but I learned about myself in hair school instead from people who had self control and dreams.

I went back to university after that. I felt my place in the world was more than being addicted and following the party. I know stopping smoking has been great for my lungs. I maintained a great figure by exercising instead of always running to nicotine.

One of the most profound ways that smoking changed my life was when I had to go back to the hospital to treat my depression. Everyone smoked there, and they sometimes stuffed cigarettes with weed. I could have easily been handed drugs there. But by not smoking, I also controlled what I put into my body. I was actually able to recover faster because I was not putting myself at risk.

Basically, we are all the masters of our own destinies. But I prefer to live my life addiction free. I think addictions make people desperate and even lead them to bad choices. I know in my life, smoking always seemed to put me in the wrong place at the wrong time. So here I am, a university grad with a career. I know that all my money isn’t going to cigarettes. And I can be happy because I will have better lungs, teeth, and skin in the future than I might have had if I had continued on.

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One extra study suggests the relative safety of vaping

The study has determined that vaping has “a dramatic and fantastic impact at the health of people who are capable of switch from cigarettes.” The researchers derived these conclusions by searching at long term vapers in a bid to understand how e-cigarette use has affected their fitness. Lead researcher Dr. Robert L. Cranfield and his team, located that the respondents experienced a 96% discount in self-suggested unfavorable fitness outcomes after switching from smoking to vaping.

The studies team compiled their statistics by using distributing questionnaires thru social media organizations, and paper surveys via local e-cigarette shops, this equated to receiving lower back 573 surveys. Three foremost categories had been checked out: former smokers who reported no ill results whilst smoking, former smokers who were using e-cigs for over 3 years, and vapers who had never smoked.

Switching from smoking to vaping had a substantial fine fitness impact

“There were 108 members who have been the use of digital cigarettes for 3 or more years. On average, they had 1.78 acute or continual detrimental activities while smoking. While using digital cigarettes, they admit to a mean destructive occasion fee of zero.07 in step with person. This represents a ninety six% reduction in adverse fitness activities,” read the examine Abstract.

“There have been 108 individuals who had been the use of digital cigarettes for three or extra years. On common, they’d 1.78 acute or persistent adverse occasions while smoking. While the use of digital cigarettes, they admit to a mean damaging event charge of 0.07 according to man or woman. This represents a 96% reduction in destructive fitness events.”Study Abstract

The have a look at become firstly published in October of 2016, but in this final month has received greater attention by being circulated via greater trusted hubs including Google Scholar.

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As an e-cigarette enthusiast, you may have already heard the buzz revolving around the release of SMOK Mag 225W Kit several months ago. Here comes the most ergonomically designed handheld mod made to date! Fast and furious, lock and load, it is SMOK Mag 225W Right- Handed Edition Kit!

The charming SMOK Mag 225W Right- Handed Edition Kit is composed of the SMOK Mag 225W Right- Handed Edition Mod and the SMOK TFV12 Prince Tank. As you see, Mag kit is gun-shaped, lock and load, and you can press the trigger to vape. With a trigger style fire button and ergonomic gun handle design, it seems that very angle tells how exquisite it is.
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The vaping industry in 2018 Part 1


As the new year’s bell rang, we entered 2018. As for the vaping industry, 2018 is still a challenging year as we may continue to encounter problems arising from FDA and other organizations, yet we should continue to deal with these issues with our patience and wisdom. But 2018 is still a year of opportunities and as many high-tech e-cigs will be conceived, developed and launched-all on the vaping market and user-friendly designs will add convenience and glamour to these e-cigs, resulting in a big change to the way vapers use it and in non-smoker’s and smoker’s attitudes. I put my neck out there with several predictions for 2018 in the vaping industry and tell you some eye-catching and upcoming popular E-Cigarettes:


Squonk Mods

The Squonk Mod consists of bottom-feeder and external battery, which can carry e-juice into the hollow pin straight up to the atomizer by squeezing this bottle gently. When taking this bottle out of the chassis and return to its original shape and size and stopping squeezing it, the vacuum bottle can suck some additional e-juice remaining in the RDA automatically to keep the device clean. Additionally, you can continue to take puffs without any hassle and this squonk-shaped device gets you free from oil-filling trouble. Now I introduce some best and high-performance squonk mods tailored to beginners and seasoned vapers.



These mods are perfect for beginners to get start and they can experience flavorful taste easily while learning how to use this latest mod without dripping e-juice onto RDA.

GeekVape GBOX Squonker 200W TC Kit ( $ 63.54)


This device, in particular, is a big boon for all beginners with its fantastic appearance and heart-AS chipset. The Geekvape Gbox 200W has been implanted an accurate AS chipset, a well-performing and high-quality component bringing vapers flavorful and comfortable taste. Best of all, the Geekvape equips this mod with two different drip tips(810 or 510), balancing the flavor and vapor productions. Additionally, it has an 8 ml large bottle tailored to some chain smokers and cloud chasers. No matter where you travel, GeekVape GBOX Squonker 200W TC Kit accompanies you all the time. Honestly speaking, this large-sized bottle must get you throughout the day.


Large size and a little heavy

GeekVape Athena Mechanical Squonk Mod($ 49.99)


Geekvape is a household brand in the vaping market, so I need not introduce it in detail to you. Let’s focus on this alluring GeekVape Athena Mechanical Squonk Mod. Lightweight and portable are its merits in comparison to others as the main part of GeekVape Athena Mechanical Squonk Mod is constructed out of stainless steel and a magnetic door is made with aluminum. Plus, what surprises us is its side fire button and safety lock switch, which make vapers to fire the device conveniently for avoiding accidental firing.


Small squonk hole on the front

HCigar VT Inbox 75W TC VW APV Box Mod($ 99.00)


The HCigar VT Inbox is a mechanical squonk mod. I always think that chipset plays a big part in the device, and now there are several chipsets prevailing in vaping market, like DNA 75 chipset which makes its name for itself thanks to high performance and good operation. The HCigar VT Inbox 75W TC VW APV Box Mod is furnished with DNA chipset, keeping the device in a good status. Its patterns on the chassis are worth mentioning as it is a Great Seal of the United States. In my view, this HCigar VT Inbox 75W TC VW APV Box Mod is compelling and patriotic device tailored to American people.

Advanced Vapers


These mods are designed for experienced vapers and those who want to vape through adjusting the temperature. If you are a seasoned vaper, you must like it very much.

Lost Vape Therion BF DNA75C Squonker TC Box Mod (Price: $ 139.00)


The Lost Vape Therion BF DNA75 Squonker TC Mod is a forward-progression in vaping technology. You can adjust temperature and wattage and customize and record your preferences thanks to its advanced DNA75C chipset. Bottle installed can accommodate 7ml e-juice and has a staggering 30ml e-juice capacity for Silicone Refilling Bottle. As for me, 30ml e-liquid capacity is the largest reservoir I have never seen, and perhaps it get me throughout the half of the year. If you are a chain smoker, the Lost Vape Therion BF DNA75C Squonker TC Box Mod must fit your preferences and never disappoints you.

IJOY Capo Squonk Box Mod($49.99)


IJOY CAPO SQUONK MOD is the first regulated squonk which is compatible with 21700/20700/18650 battery. Featuring tiny and ergonomic size, it is capable of running up to 100W with fantastic battery life. A big front OLED screen displays essential information to the user. Implementing personalized design of adjustment buttons and big fire button, it adds more convenience during usage. Presenting hale and fashionable exterior design, IJOY CAPO SQUONK is colourful and highlights the personality. The food-grade soft and hard silicone squonk bottle hold a generous 9 ML of liquid which allows for suitable squeezing and easy maintenance. The top battery slot with top loaded battery cap ensures the safety and ease of battery replacement.

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Major Power: The Newbies Guide to Sub Ohm Vaping

As vaping has increased around the world, innovation has driven vape mods from small low-powered cig-style devices to excessive strength sub ohm gadgets. It’s now not new for vapers to want to push the bounds, and sub ohm vaping lets in them to do simply that. If you’re now not acquainted with sub ohm vaping, you’re in good fortune – we wrote this sub ohm vaping guide to teach you the whole lot that you want to recognise!

Ohms and Ohm’s Law

Before we get to all of the cool vaping stuff, we first must cowl a few scientific fundamentals. An “ohm” is a unit of resistance. Ohm’s Law states that there’s a dating between voltage, cutting-edge and resistance. More specially, Voltage = Current / Resistance or V = I/R. How does that relate to vaping? Basically, by using reducing the resistance (ohms) of your atomizer, extra strength will waft via it, changing the overall vape revel in.

What is Sub Ohm Vaping?

In it’s maximum simple definition, sub ohm vaping method vaping with a coil that has a resistance underneath one ohm. Conversely, vaping with a coil that has a resistance over one ohm is considered above ohm vaping.

In it’s infancy, sub ohm vaping became on the whole explored by way of vaping veterans who constructed their very own coils and built their very own gadgets. They discovered via Ohm’s Law that their mods ought to produce a long way extra wattage and energy if they lowered the circuit’s resistance (ohms). By the usage of a rebuildable atomizer and constructing their personal coils, they have been able to blow larger clouds and accentuate their vape enjoy. These had been the first sub ohm coils and sub ohm atomizers.

Today but, the marketplace could be very one-of-a-kind. The recognition of sub ohm vaping has resulted in an explosion of recent commercially produced and regulated sub ohm devices and sub ohm vaping kits within the vape marketplace. Sub ohm vaping is not reserved only for experts, but is to be had to anyone via safe devices with advanced vaping era and doing away with the want for sub ohm coil builds for most clients. On average, commercial units variety among 10 watts and 300 watts, despite the fact that as a minimum 30 watts is commonly had to preserve a resistance underneath an ohm.

Sub Ohm Vaping vs Regular Vaping

man sub ohm vapingThe fundamental difference between sub ohm vaping and everyday (above ohm) vaping is whether or not or now not the atomizer’s resistance is above or beneath one ohm. However, in phrases of the vaper’s enjoy, there are 3 most important differences that come from the improved power of a sub-ohm device. These 3 variations and motives why sub ohm vaping is famous consist of:

Bigger Clouds: If extra strength means one element for vapers, it way larger and more colourful clouds. For cloud chasers, and those who just decide upon more vape on every hit, the overall performance of a sub ohm device far exceeds the overall performance of an above ohm tool.

More Flavor: More vape means more taste. Since sub ohm vaping uses extra e-liquid than vaping at a higher resistance, sub ohm vapers are capable of maximize the flavor on each and every pull.
Warmer Vape: Sub ohm vaping way greater electricity, and as a result, the vapor will usually be warmer than an above ohm enjoy. Commercial gadgets and tanks commonly have adequate airflow to make certain that the vape isn’t always hot sufficient to cause pain, but rather, sufficient to make sure that every hit is warm and clean for your throat.
Three Ways to Sub Ohm Vape

For those who pick out to sub-ohm vape, an atomizer with a resistance under an ohm could be important. If you are trying to figure out how to sub ohm vape, there are three alternatives available:

Rebuildable Dripping Atomizers (RDAs): In the beginning, in case you wanted to sub ohm vape, a rebuildable dripping atomizer would have been your most effective choice. These atomizers allow vapers to build their own coil and wrap their very own cotton. Instead of a tank, customers could truly drip e-liquid onto the wick.
Rebuildable Tank Atomizers (RTAs): RTAs are similar to RDAs in that they allow individuals to build and customize their very own coils, however the coils are built inside a tank in order that dripping is now not a requirement. Instead, e-juice is held in a small tank that gives a far longer vaping experience among juice refills.

Commercial Sub Ohm Tanks: Commercial tanks make sub ohm vaping very smooth. Since commercial coils are ‘equipped-to-cross’, vapers don’t have to build them or hold them. Instead of screwing in a coil and wicking cotton via it, customers can truely spin a industrial coil into the tank, fill the tank with vape juice, and start vaping right away.

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How do you smoke a vape?

So how do you smoke a vape? That’s an interesting query, and one which a number of humans are asking nowadays. A few years in the past “vapes” – non-public vaporisers, or greater generally, digital cigarettes – were rare, and most of the people had by no means heard of them. Now “vape” is in the Oxford English Dictionary and it’s a not unusual subject matter in newspapers, online discussions or even on TV. But how do you smoke a vape? Or is that the incorrect question?

It’s called Vaping for a motive…

Vaping is a replacement for smoking, and a present day device can put out an impressive cloud, but it’s not smoke. Smoke is what you get when you burn some thing, and in an e-cigarette not anything is burning. Instead, what’s taking place is that the liquid is being evaporated and become a cloud of tiny droplets; that’s what receives inhaled.

Although it’s common to speak approximately “smoking” e-cigarettes, individuals who genuinely use them don’t like that phrase. It’s inaccurate, and of path maximum vapers have reduce down or stopped smoking altogether. Vaping and smoking aren’t the equal component, so it’s always satisfactory to speak about vaping a vape, now not smoking it.

Now we’ve were given that out of the way, in case you’re inquisitive about trying a vape for yourself, there are a few matters it’s beneficial to recognise. Read on for our guide to “smoking” a vapour product the right manner.

It’s now not a cigarette

Most folks who purchase an digital cigarette are looking for a alternative for a conventional tobacco cigarette. Often they anticipate it’s utilized in precisely the same manner, and this can lead to a few disappointing stories. In reality, in case you recognise a way to use them, e-cigs may be at the least as fulfilling as their smoky predecessors.

The first thing you want to preserve in mind about an e-cigarette is that it isn’t a cigarette. The name made experience after they have been new, because it we could human beings recognise what they’re for, however in a few ways it’s turned into a advertising nightmare. Some maniacs have even claimed that “it’s nonetheless a cigarette”.

Well, it isn’t. A cigarette is tobacco wrapped in paper – it’s the paper that distinguishes it from a cigar, that is tobacco wrapped in a tobacco leaf. E-cigarettes don’t incorporate any tobacco, so they’re not cigarettes. There’s no way to twist the definition of “cigarette” so a vaping tool fits it; it’s truely not possible.

So what is it?

On the alternative hand, it is able to update a cigarette. Think approximately what a cigarette gives you: Nicotine, some thing to inhale, some thing to do with your palms, the rituals you revel in. You can get all of those from an digital opportunity, so long as you operate it efficiently.

Where many people who smoke get it wrong is that they are attempting to apply their new e-cig simply the equal way as they used a cigarette, and that they locate that the vapour isn’t pleasant and they nevertheless have nicotine cravings. If this sounds familiar, there’s desirable information. You just must change a few matters to get the same pleasurable revel in.

Vaping like a pro

The first step to pleasing vaping is to have the right device. Don’t choose one of the old-style “cigalikes” that looks like a actual cigarette; they is probably the identical shape and size as what you’re used to, however they just aren’t effective enough to suit the enjoy. Instead, cross for a pen-style tool or a mod. Avoid drippers or extreme sub-ohm atomisers, though; they’re for hobbyists, now not folks that want a replacement for smoking.

Next, get the proper nicotine content material on your liquid. Unfortunately there’s a fashion closer to very low nicotine stages, and even though this might sound like a terrific aspect, it isn’t. If you’re a smoker you’ll need a much higher nicotine stage, to fulfill your cravings the identical manner a cigarette does. In the EU there’s a legal limit of 20mg in line with ml; get as close to that as you may. Outside the EU you need to be able to get 24mg/ml, which is ideal.

When you smoke a cigarette you generally tend to take brief, hard puffs. That doesn’t paintings well with a vape; by the time you stop puffing, the coil’s just beginning to get up to strolling temperature. Take longer, gentler puffs rather; that manner the coil has time to do its stuff and generate a right cloud of vapour.

It can take some days to get used to the variations among vaping and smoking, however it’s really worth sticking it out. If you still have some cravings before everything, don’t fear approximately it; you’ll soon get the hold of it. Many humans start out having the occasional cigarette as well as vaping, then abruptly recognise that they haven’t lit one up in days. Once you get used to the way an e-cig works, the probabilities are you’ll locate you just don’t need tobacco anymore.

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