【Latest Review first check】IJOY CAPO 216 SRDA Kit

CAPO, reimagined. IJOY is stepping into the new year with a brand new yet recognizably Squonker designs for its CAPO-series of flagships, now into their second generation.

IJOY CAPO 216 kit (2018) is an upgraded Squonker kit of IJOY CAPO SRDA 100W kit(2018) with higher wattage output (216W). But the latter’s real predecessor – it’s the IJOY CAPO Squonker kit back in 2017. It’s more of a trimmed IJOY CAPO Squonker kit for the masses with a more advanced chipset, a more sophisticated SRDA tank, and 20700 battery compatibility. The IJOY CAPO 216 kit seems like a thoughtful alternative to the headliner without losing much of the 200W’s charm. And if the price is right, then IJOY may have done an excellent ‘SRDA pro’ model. Let’s take a look.
Ijoy Capo216 SRDA kit Order Online

Size: 45mm x 51mm x 83mm
Squonk Bottle Capacity: 10ml
Wattage Range: 5W – 216W
Material: Kanthal Wire
Thread: 510 Thread
Suitable Tank: No overhang with 25mm tanks
Battery Type: High-rate 20700 battery & High-rate 18650 battery with adapter
Color: Orange &Blue, Camouflage, Black &Orange, Mirror Gold, Matte Green, Matte Orange

Size: 25mm x 33.3mm
Thread: 510 Thread
Drip Tip: 810 Ultem drip tip
Color: Gold, Matte Black, Mirror SS, Matte Green, Mirror Rainbow, Gun metal, Matte Orange

2x IJOY 20700 Batteries & 1 x 18650 adapter
1x COMBO SRDA (SRDA-CE Coil 0.13ohm Pre-installed)
1x Tool Pack (O-rings, special wrench, Japanese organic cotton)
1x Warranty Card & 1 x Manual

While CAPO models like the CAPO100 and more recent CAPO SRDA have featured some very unconventional designs, the CAPO216 would find itself much more at home with the rest of the box mods. Visually, the CAPO216 features a brand-new design, with completely different shapes, colors and styles from other CAPO devices. For starters, it’s grown a little. It’s much taller than CAPO SRD and a lot wider, but still a compact size as a dual battery device.
Metal and glass have become the prevailing choice of materials for most e-cig devices, and the CAPO216 thankfully joins that trend. Opting for an all-aluminum body, the CAPO216 is encased in either Black-Orange, Orange-Blue, Camouflage, Green, Orange, or Gold which makes the whole body look clean, refined, and sturdy. In back, the aluminum body is interrupted only by the fire key and the Squonker setup. We love the huge fire button and the squonk location seems to be well-sited for ergonomics. Also, we’re glad the back looks so casual, yet classy. as flipping the device over reveals a similarly handsome face.

HD OLED screen takes up the majority of the CAPO216’s front. The slightly curved OLED display is one of the biggest treats – it has the same round corners as seen on the current flagship models. Above that sits the SRDA tank, and below it up/down button, USB port and battery lock. Upper back we’ve got the main fire key.
Turn on the screen, it’s easy to see that you’re holding a flagship device. The size of the screen is certainly pleasing, producing sharp content like vaping effect, voltage, battery life, resistance value etc. – making it incredibly easy to make any setting changes or adjustment. Brightness is similarly good – you may do just fine indoors as well as outdoor. The readability has no potential to be problematic.
Much of IWEPAL’s user interface on the CAPO216 is stuff we’ve seen before. Much like other IWEPAL chipset, the CAPO216 isn’t trying to win too many functionality awards, it’s actually in the mid-range spectrum. That said, IJOY’s mid-range can still be hella powerful. The maximum 216W power output still holds up well as the go-to specification. We tested this device on the CAPO SRDA tank. We used the 0.2ohm coil with 60% – 80% VG e-juice and set the wattage in 200W. The CAPO216 has a very short ramp-up time and felt accurate for this wattage range. Flavor is consistently good, not quite intense, but rich and dense especially when the airflow is semi-closed with less air inlet. Vapor production is excellent for this wattage level, which feels like a good match for this cloud machine.

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New Year review| Wake Littlefoot Kit


39g of polycarbonate-alloy and 2000mAh of a built-in battery. Amazing what they’d call a mini e-cig kit these days. For starters, the WAKE Littlefoot 60w Kit is a good entry-level device and the paired 5ml Wake Tank is what most of the same-priced kits didn’t get. The inevitable hardware downgrades have helped the Littlefoot adjust its price to fit the midrange bracket. With a tag of around $85 though, it has quite a bunch of rivals to take on, especially in China where Wake’s exposure and brand-awareness are still developing.

However, the WAKE Littlefoot is not without its merits so we’d be foolish to write off its chances. The signature black and red exterior stands out and the software does have a few interesting features as well. Equipment-wise, the WAKE Littlefoot 60w Kit goes by the midrange look and is genuinely trying to over-deliver where it can without blowing the budget. It is based on a beginner-level 60W chipset, along with 5ml of Wake tank. The reliable performance , the user-friendly interface, the 1.5 ohm Hi-Nic MTL Coil especially designed for nicotine salt e-liquid, the 0.5Ω pre-built coil for more delicate flavor experience are among the major highlights.
Features and Specs:
Tank: 5ml
Wattage Range: 5w-60w
Battery Type: 2000mah built-in battery
Coil Resistance: 0.5Ω Falvor coil (30-50w)/ 1.5Ω Hi-Nic MTL Coil (15w-30w)
OLED Screen in Pocket Size
Top fill system and bottom airflow system

1 * Wake Littlefoot 60W mod
1 * Wake Tank
1 * 1.5 Ω Hi-Nic MTL Coil (0.5Ω Falvor coil is pre-built)
1 * Spare glass tube
1 * USB cable

When sizes of Vaping devices have drifted higher and higher, one of the more mainstream trends is the pint-sized versions of flagships. Such a move is not rare nor unprecedented cause back in 2015 in Joyetech eVic lineup introduced the eVic VTC mini that won the praises of the masses. Two years later, their eVic Primo joined that Mini club with its eVic Primo Mini. The startup Wake Littlefoot is trying to make its way through a crowd of mid-rangers which can turn hostile to ambitious newcomers. Wake knows it needs to raise its profile in the developed markets and the Mini line is at the spearhead of their campaign.
Without the edge-to-edge parameter, Wake Littlefoot is counting on the compact size, eye-catching exterior and the novelty factor to lure users away from the big-name rivals. Proper localization should be an important part of that effort, as at the moment the Wake is entirely geared towards the Asian markets. Though it is not unusual for Chinese devices but Wake had better be working on language and software versions if it wants to carry some of its momentum over to Europe and America.
Wake Littlefoot is going to cater to the market with the same old business casual look and there’s nothing out of the usual at first sight. It has a distinct styling of its own with slick dual-tone exterior and subtle but efficient red accents. The exterior design is polite and simple, very modern business style. It will come with 5 colors – Gold, Green, Red, Blue, and Black. In the hand, the premium look of the black exterior with a light alloy frame, as well as the sharp-looking red accents is going to translate into premium feel. Also, the 5ml Wake tank will also have five corresponding colors.

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“Next generation” IJOY Captain PD 270 MOD take a look at evaluation 

“Next Generation” is a length coming quickly, so it’s far frequently called next generation technology technology. What I’m looking to examine these days is Captain PD 270‘s new battery machine that IJOY (Love Table) exhibited. It adopts 2 20700 battery electricity supply. The first 20700 battery MOD available on the market is better than the potential and energy supply performance of the 18650 battery and the maximum performance reaches 234 W at the maximum. Will new batteries trade to the enterprise? Let’s remedy one by one.


The Captain PD 270 is wrapped in a double paper field, with black-and-white as the situation shade, highlighting the MOD of the box. Under the light there’s a 3-dimensional undercoat of “honey” even extra on the surface of the field.
On the facet of the bundle is written in 4 points of product. – 234 W most output efficiency 2 gadgets 20700 battery, zero.96 inch show, hardware merchandising possible.

JOY PD 270, P is excessive performance, D is 2 batteries, 270 is battery type wide variety 20700 and so forth. Tesla Electric Vehicles may even choose a 20700 battery and replace 18650 batteries. With this extremely-stable and excessive-performance energy deliver function, IJOY believes that 20700 batteries will update 18650 batteries within the future digital cigarette marketplace.

Parts list: Captain PD 270 MOD, 20700 batteries, instructions, guarantee card, 18650 battery switching set (MOD can also be used as 18650 via switching set)


Captain PD 270 MOD is 89 mm excessive, 48 mm extensive and 32 mm thick. MOD is a black frame, a 0.96 inch display and adjustment buttons are located inside the middle of the principle body, and it’s miles used for adornment with carbon fiber leather-based paste on each aspects.

It is a popular 510 connection hollow, 4 people are constant to 4 hex bolts, giving MOD an decoration as nicely.

Since the ignition key size of the aspect frame reaches 20 x 23 mm, I can feel the scale of this button from the sight. The ignition secret is comfy and clean, the sound is apparent and not using a noise.

On the returned of the principle body is CaptainPD 270 inventive man or woman plate side, it looks as if visible art from the vision.


The battery tank of the Captain PD 270 is at the lowest of the main unit and may be opened by way of urgent downward and pushing it outward with a touch pressure. There is a mark of tremendous and poor pole inside the battery cowl, and we need to take note of correspondence marks while installing the battery.

There is a mark of fantastic and poor pole in the battery cowl, and we ought to pay attention to correspondence marks whilst installing the battery. There are marks of A and B battery tank also within the battery cover. If the battery malfunctions it is able to be prominent on the display similar to the screen.

IJOY 20700 battery maintains reliable overall performance and balance overall performance of conventional 18650 battery, has many benefits together with high consistency, excessive strength density, extensive temperature and so forth., the capacity is 30% extra than the 18650 battery Apparently, the energy density reaches 214 WH / KG, it ranges from five% to 10% over the 18650 battery, and the electricity supply objectives at more than 20%.

(IJOY 20700 battery duration is 70 mm, diameter is 20.2 mm, barely larger than 18650 battery)


The wellknown voltage of the JOY 20700 battery is 3.7 V, the ability is 3000 mAh, the feeding current is forty A (it’s also delivered that the immediate power supply reaches eighty A), the total energy is eleven.1 Wh. Regarding the path of technical signs, 20700 is higher than 18650 both in capacity and feeding modern-day, however the superiority of single battery isn’t clean. Many 18650 within the present day market normally reaches 3000 mAh ability, however the everyday 20 A strength supply facts is inferior to 20700.
“Function choice”

On white screen shows white characters (showing blue from the photo)
0.96 inch display makes clear data and relaxed font appear nicely.
Installing CaptainPD 270 is almost the same as different MOD installations, and if you press the ignition key 3 times quick and continuously, the installation menu can be entered. Installation mu has six icons such as performance mode, temperature manage mode, TCR, installation, back, suction cycle reset, and so forth. Pressing the ignition key enters the associated set up characteristic.
The efficiency mode also comes with NORMAL (everyday), HARD (tough), SOFT (gentle) 3 output results, “USER” user self definition output feature, “self definition output curve” that’s regularly stated to be.
The self-defined output curve can exchange the output efficiency in the performance output mode.
Establishment of display screen time
“Grip feeling”


Carbon fiber leather-based sticking on each facets performs a non-slip role further to the decorative effect, a at ease grip feeling. MOD is correspondingly accelerated in volume of MOD than adopting the 20700 battery, and the weight is barely larger than the MOD of the 18650 battery, but this weight may be left out.

234 W High explosive output, strong output, and ignition right away can achieve the second suction. The gain of mixing with the 20700 battery is meditated within the use functionality in a stable and long time of high performance output.
“MODE appreciation”

CaptainPD 27 MOD offers carbon fiber fabric sticking of 54 switching shelf that gives out switching, users can transfer in keeping with their desires. You also can help customization.

Adopting the new 20700 battery as a new MOD is a breakthrough in the high efficiency facility challenge (without innovation) within the modern market and it can be said that it is one innovation.
It is properly suited to the call “subsequent technology”. Now mainstream 18650 will stroll round as standard, but for the reason that market adjustments are new every day every month, 20700 will usually be a new equipment increase within the industry. Can you put together?


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New tendency: will you grasp hangsen genesis kit?


The battery capacity for this device is1500mAh, making for a very powerful battery in general. A lot of people will be able to get plenty of use out of something like this. Even vaping fans who spend a lot of time using their devices are going to be able to use the Hangsen Genesis Kit for a long period of time without charging it.

The USB charging capability should also make the Hangsen Genesis more convenient for most people to use at the best of times and the worst of times. They should be able to charge the device using a wide range of different pieces of equipment, making things much easier for them in general.


It should be easy to use a powerful device like this with a powerful battery. Users will get a lot of vapor using the Hangsen Genesis Kit. However, they won’t be able to get a truly excessive amount of vapor. Some people don’t really want or need that, and it won’t matter to them if they aren’t able to get all of that with the Hangsen Genesis Kit. This is a device that should give people enough of what they need.

The battery life for theHangsen Genesis Kit should last for so long that people might not even have to charge it for days. They should still be able to get all of the vapor that they need one way or another anyway.


With an e-liquid capacity of 1.5 ml, the capacity for the Hangsen Genesis is not hugely remarkable. However, this should still be enough of an e-liquid capacity for most people, so they won’t have to worry about running out of the e-liquid that they are trying to use at the wrong time. It should be easy to get the flavor right with a capacity like this.


People should also have an easy time getting the temperature of the device exactly right as well, and this is something that a lot of vaping fans will appreciate. Some of them will say that the capacity of the Hangsen Genesis Kit is perfect, and it shouldn’t be too minimal for the people who prefer to having vaping devices with a much larger capacity.

Users will probably get better results if they use a particular variety of e-liquid. If the e-liquid has around 6 mg of nicotine or less, people should generally be able to get the best possible results when the use the Hangsen Genesis Kit. This is the sort of e-liquid that will generally promote better results, but it will work especially well in a device that has a tendency to exhibit a smaller capacity.


In many different respects, the Hangsen Genesis Kit was truly designed to be as durable as possible. Unlike some of the similar devices that are on the market today, the Hangsen Genesis Kit was designed with a magnetic dust cap. People don’t often think about all of the different reasons why a lot of devices break down with time.

In many cases, the build-up of dust can actually lead to the breakdown of devices at the end of the day. Many different types of debris will cause the devices to wear away at a level that will surprise a lot of people. Having a magnetic dust cap will stop that process of deterioration from happening. It will also cause the device to function much more effectively, giving people the opportunity to use the vaping device more efficiently and for a longer period of time.



People will certainly like the design of the Hangsen Genesis Kit. It has a smooth and streamlined look that a lot of people will like right away. It looks a little like a nice sunglasses case, in fact. Some people will appreciate the smooth feel of the device. They should certainly like the color selection that they will be able to get with the Hangsen Genesis Kit.

The design was also made to be really straightforward. People will have the instruction manual that they will be able to use for reference. However, they might not actually need it at the end of the day. The Hangsen Genesis Kit works well enough on its own.

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Gentle man! 【20% off】Vapeman Steam Engine Review

The e-cig mod world is debatably gaining popularity with each passing day. Thus, new devices have to bring in something different and extraordinary for the vapers. vapeman steam engine dna75 box mod, with that in mind, has come up with a new steam engine 75W box mod. The unit is the flagship entry of Vapeman into the box mod category. As the name suggests, this vaping device features a sturdy sense of steampunk aspect, which was derived from a blend of industrial revolution era machinery and Jules Verne science fiction. It boasts a unique design and powerful features that are valuable in cementing its popularity with the crowds. While most people might think of it as retro-industrial, this compact device is actually great and has distinctive and remarkable specs and features.


Its Parameters

– Output power ranging from 1w to 75w

– Output voltage of o.2v to 6.2v

– Output current 30A to 40A

– Input voltage 3.0V to 4.2V

– Input current 0.5A to 28.0A

– Atomizer resistance 0.15ohm or above

– A 200 to 600 degrees Fahrenheit temperature range

The Package Content

The manufacturer packs the steam engine with simplicity, and the package contains:

– One Vapeman Steam Engine DNA75 box mod without the Battery

– A charging cable

– A user manual


Steampunk style Design

One hallmark of the steam unit is an “aged” appearance that makes the sanded bronze a popular material. This convincing aged look creates an ironic charm since the innards of the vape are completely modernized and high-tech. Its computerized progressive micro controller is also incomparable. Besides, the remarkable engraved logotype around the edge gives the unit a rawer and more steampunk finish while complementing the entire vintage look.

Within the hues of leatherworking, the steam engine is one of its own kinds in the sophisticated world of high-end steam-punkish designs. The premium leather covering the vape portrays a strong cyber-punk enthused appearance. The oxidized case appear to blend the leather and brass components excellently. Moreover, the attractive rivets on the device add a distinctive finishing look with some working as operational buttons while the rest as decorative features.

The Battery

Vapeman steam engine is powered by two 18650 batteries that are purchased separately and are easily installed or replaced by sliding the battery door. The slide off cover ensures that the cells fit in the chamber nicely as it houses them without any misalignment or shifting. Three ventilation openings are positioned at the battery door for safety reasons and heat dissipation. The two negative (-) signs inscribed at the battery door ensures that you don’t get the polarity of the battery reserved. To charge the device, the USB port is beneath the plus and minus buttons, and you can easily connect it to the power adapter using the provided charging cable.


DNA 75 Chipset

With a potent, well-structured converter/chipset from Evolv, Vapeman steam engine offers high-performance vaping reliability. Evolv is one of the most renowned manufacturers in the vaping world that design chipsets with variable-wattage. The innovative chip features temperature protection, minimum heat generation, onboard buttons, and synchronous adaptation that maximize your battery life. It also comes with low atomizer resistance of just 0.25ohm in variable wattage mode or 0.15ohm in temperature mode. Furthermore, the chipset supports advanced temperature control using nickel200, titanium01, or stainless steel coil builds.

Temperature Protection

The temperature protection featured in this unit is of paramount importance especially when the atomizer starts drying out. While vaping, the mod can stop automatically if it detects that the wattage setting is incompatible with the attached atomizer. Without this feature, the wick burns and you will draw in a harsh, nasty tasting puff.

The Wattage Variable

Within the mod, a 75W variable wattage is available. Using any 28mm rebuildable tank, the wattage should be able to cater for most of your daily hits with ease.

Escribe Compatibility

Like all the other DNA vapes, this steampunk is compatible with the Escribe feature. Basically, you link it to the DNA 75 devices with the USB port and then using the PC’s Escribe software, you can monitor, configure, and modify your chipset operation. Moreover, when you open your mod on a PC with internet connectivity, the Escribe suite can source for updates automatically.


Measuring 85mm by 28mm by 63mm, the entire construction of the steam engine device is palm size and sits in your hand meticulously, and offers a terrific handgrip and feel. This size also ensures that the mod fits in your pocket for easy portability.

Functionality and Performance

The vapeman steam engine dna75 is highly regarded due to its performance and functionality. It has a typical DNA box front with a fire button on top that can be accessed easily using the right-hand thumb. The mod runs up to 75 watts, and this allows vapers to choose between the wide ranges of TC mode and VW mode.


User Interface

Just like the Puff Avatar RS75W mod, this vape’s user interface can be challenging to operate (especially for new vapers). It’s not very clear where the mode settings are and switching between them may cause inconvenience. For instance, to switch in between the VW and TC mode, you will need to undertake long “lock the unit” routes and several “press two pins concurrently” tasks, which can be difficult.

The OLED Screen Display

The 0.91 inches OLED display is vibrant and person friendly and offers sufficient brightness. It takes the center platform and has 2 excellent, long-standing plus and minus buttons right beneath it.


The Vapeman mod has a charging system that utilizes a well-adjusted, micro USB, and hence it’s not necessary to remove the batteries to top them up safely. Besides, the USB port can be used to communicate with your computer’s Escribe suite and firmware upgrading. This allows you to configure the mod or save your desired settings in the memory slots of your device with ease.

Other features include:

– Pre-heat mode

– A 510 thread

– Its own unique serial number inscribed on top of the connector

Bottom Line

Vapeman steam engine is a mod that relishes the retro-steampunk e-cig world. For vapers who truly desire an affordable and distinctive-structured box mod, the steam engine is ideal for you. With extremely reliable and high-tech features, the device efficiently satisfies all your vaping needs and ensures solid, high-performance every day.

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