In 2017 SMOK released a new starter kit aimed at new vapers and smokers looking to make the switch to vaping, called the Priv V8 Kit. Looking at the design and functionality of this kit you can easily tell who it is aimed at. It is a simple hassle free set-up. The Priv V8 Kit comes with the TFV8 Baby Beast tank and an easy to use Priv V8 mod which compromises of a single button which is the fire button along with LED Lights and no screen. Whilst many of you may think that this ease comes at the expense of losing functionality, this kit definitely has its place.


Let’s take a look at what you get with it: In the box you will see the Priv V8 mod, TFV8 Baby Beast, an extra coil head, spare glass as well as spare o-rings and a charging cable. The Priv V8 mod comes in a plethora of color options (15 to be exact!) to suit everyone’s taste. The mod itself is very attractive with its two-toned color combination and sleek design. At the base of the device you have your battery door to insert your 18650 battery (Not included with the kit) and on the side of the device is the firing bar. The firing bar/fire button is really well built! It’s very responsive, so you won’t have any miss-fires and it feels solid with no rattles. To fire the mod, you simply press the side of the mod (Firing bar) and to switch on or off the device, you simple press this bar 5 times in quick successions. This device has a Zinc alloy construction and is extremely lightweight at just 83.3g and it’s quite stealthy at just 80mm tall. Although there isn’t any screen present, there are still multiple protections put in place to protect the user and the device from harm. Some of the protections put in place include, low resistance protection, short circuit protection, low battery warning, reverse polarity protection, over-charge protection and an 8 second cut off to prevent the mod from continuously firing.


The TFV8 Baby Beast, which comes with this device is quite a solid sub-ohm tank. SMOK’s TFV8 series is a huge success and it’s probably the most popular sub-ohm tank on the market. The build quality of the tank is great and it comes with a pre-installed coil head as well as a spare coil head. It really is an extremely simple tank to use and sits perfectly on this mod due to its 22mm diameter. The tank is constructed with stainless steel and has a 3ml capacity, which isn’t too bad. Refilling the tank and changing the coils are really all that you will need to do. To refill the tank, you simply turn the top cap in a counter-clockwise direction and pour your liquid in the kidney shaped ports. To change out a coil head, you simply unscrew the base of the atomizer and thereafter, unscrew the coil head. The TFV8 Baby Beast comes with an M2 coil head, which SMOK says, is designed for optimal performance with the Priv V8. It is easy to assume that because you cannot set the wattage, you will get a sub-par vape but this in definitely not the case. The Priv V8 with the TFV8 Baby Beast works perfectly with the M2 coil heads and does not leak at all! You do not sacrifice performance at the expense of easiness which is a really good thing. The flavor and vapor production with the TFV8 Baby Beast is really impressive! The tank does have adjustable airflow so you can open or close off the airflow to refine the kind of vape that you like.

Now on to the device itself. This kit is extremely basic in terms of how it performs. This is as simple as it gets. The Priv V8 removes the work needed to get a good vape. All you need to do is Refill, Recharge and Vape! There’s no dialing in the perfect wattage, checking resistance or wicking the tank. You just have to turn on the device and vape away. Power/Wattage delivered is due to the resistance of the coil and the battery life. With a full battery and a 0.15 Ohm coil, the device can push 60 Watts of power and this power decreases as the battery depletes.


Many new vapers have no knowledge on vaping prior to making the switch and therefore, look for the simplest device to use. The Priv V8, having a single button and no screen is definitely something that a new vaper would enjoy. Not having to worry about using the incorrect wattage and getting dry hits is a good thing. Some vapers who start off with complicated devices usually don’t know how to fully use the device and this is a bad thing because the end result is that they quit vaping and go back to cigarettes. For this reason, the Priv V8 really stands out and these are the vapers that should be looking at this mod. The device does all the work you so you can enjoy a good vape from the beginning.

Many of you would argue that a stick style device is better because you don’t have to buy batteries but I would disagree with this statement. Yes, a stick device performs similarly and yes, a stick device does have a built in battery, but when the battery dies, you have to recharge it and wait or have it connected to a power source in order to use it. The Priv V8 has external batteries which means you could buy 2 batteries and when one dies, simply remove the battery and put it on charge and insert a fresh one. This is a major pro in my books and probably the biggest advantage with this device.


The simplicity of this device is just fantastic! The SMOK team really did an awesome job in designing a mod that is extremely user friendly and does not compromise on performance. The SMOK Priv V8 Kit is exactly the device a new vaper would want. It is simple enough so that everyone can use it without ever having to worry about anything. The sleek design and small size make it easy to carry around with you wherever you go. If you know a smoker or someone looking to switch to vaping, the Priv V8 is the kit for them!

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